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At the top of this page is a menu bar which provides access to the large page titled Current Expectations for a Cascadia Mega-Quake. That page looks at factors relating to the coming earthquake in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and in the western Canadian province of British Columbia. The menu bar also provides access to the Cascadian Alert blog. This blog is a companion site to the large Cascadia Mega-Quake page. And then, the menu bar provides access to The Hanford Nuclear Report, which is another large page presenting information about what has been going on at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state. The buttons immediately below access other pages on this site.

The Reports Linked Below are Located on Another of the Writer's Sites

There is more to think about in the Pacific Northwest part of the United States than just earthquakes and problems associated with the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. The buttons below access other pages on the writer's expanded site network. The pages linked below are found on an energy and fueling system site which the writer set up years ago, originally in 2006. Be forewarned though. Some of the pages haven't been updated in a number of years and may have at least some links which are not working. But, for the most part, there is "food for thought" on those pages.

Other  Information  of  potential  Interest  or  Value
(From Other Sites, with Permission)

In our world, there is more to consider than just earthquakes and energy systems. The buttons below access other pages and sites with information which may be of potential interest or value, especially in our day and age. Enjoy.

As a note: Some of the pages are relatively old and do not appear to have been updated in recent times. Therefore, because of changes or censoring on the Internet, there may be a number of links in these pages which no longer work.

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